Course Description

Funnels101 X is a 90-day, training and mentoring program consisting of 15 modules, each bursting with Paul's very best insights from a decade’s work in digital marketing. 

Each module takes you through one hugely important piece of building your funnel, from absolute zero all the way to profit that’s (almost) completely automatic.  

You’ll learn exactly how to stop wasting time messing around with digital marketing that simply doesn’t work… 

By getting a foolproof, proven blueprint and strategy which will allow you to drive more traffic, capture more leads and generate more sales without going insane or burning out in the process.

If you want to scale your business without having to rely on your existing network, hustle or luck…

… then you don’t need another online course, program or webinar... 

… and you certainly don’t need another “cookie cutter” group training program designed for the masses…

What you REALLY need is one-on-one guidance from someone who’s already done it to help you implement a proven method for generating highly qualified leads and sales (i.e. The Elope Approach…)

In a way that is bespoke to your business, relevant to your audience and aligns with your goals.

Real change and transformation in your business won’t come from simply enrolling in another online course that more often than not, never gets completed…

Real change and transformation comes from 1-on-1 mentorship…

...where you’re personally empowered with the knowledge, experience, expertise and guidance you need to specifically scale your business.

Funnels101 X is a no-BS, no-fluff, 90-day-sprint growth accelerator. You will be partnered with Paul Ramondo directly to achieve the outcome and results you’ve been missing in your business.

If you’ve been following Paul’s content for some time now, or even if you’ve only seen a few of his vlogs, you’ll know full well that what you see is what you get. And your experience with Paul as his mentee inside Funnels101 X will be no different.

Be prepared to have your limits pushed and to grow in areas where your skills are lacking (especially) when it feels uncomfortable to do so. Paul will hold your hand and give you all of the support in the world – but he certainly won’t sugar coat the truth (especially) when you need to hear it most.

Paul wants you to get results and create the transformation you so desperately deserve in your business and will make sure that nothing gets in the way of you achieving your goals; not even yourself or your own limiting beliefs.

As a Funnels101 X student, Paul will be there to guide you every step of the way – not only providing you with his decade of experience in digital marketing for some of Australia’s (and the world’s) most prolific brands; but also with the accountability, confidence and mindset you’ll need (especially) when you need it most.

If you are ready to enrol in Funnels101 X and are committed to putting in the work to transform your business (and your life), please choose from the enrolment option best suited to you above.

Funnels101 Founder, Vlogger & CEO @ RamondoMedia

Paul Ramondo

Paul Ramondo is Australia’s fastest growing authority on digital growth hacking and marketing, a sought after keynote speaker and the Managing Director of RamondoMedia; a boutique digital studio that transforms awareness into evangelism through strategically executed digital experiences.Paul considers his smartphone an extension of his forearm and his digital presence and extension of his psyche. As a Digital Growth Hacker, Paul prides himself on his ability to connect brands with their consumers by mapping his campaigns to tomorrow’s digital consumption behaviours.Paul has spent the last decade of his life actioning digital and social marketing strategies for both national and global brands, operating within Australia, including; Porsche®, RedBull®, Choice Hotels™, Boral® and Australian Sports Nutrition. During this time, Paul’s campaigns have consistently achieved insane results and ROI, such as turning a $16,365.38 Facebook Ad spend into $251,374.87 of revenue in only 32 days.Paul also teaches marketers, entrepreneurs and start-ups advanced digital marketing strategies via his website, His work has also been featured by industry authorities such as, and here to learn more about Paul.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    [Module 0] Introduction & Overview

    • Start Here

    • Housekeeping

    • Using The Course Player

    • Questions, Answers & Discussions

    • Course Outline

  • 2

    [Module 1] Quick-Start’n’Cram Marketing Academy

    • Start Here

    • Core Concepts

    • Types of Conversion Funnels

    • Stages of Your Funnel

    • Consumer Psychology

    • The Key To Building A Successful Funnel

    • Interruption Marketing

    • The Elope Approach

    • Stage 1 - The "Attraction" Stage

    • Stage 2 - The "Courtship" Stage

    • Stage 3 - The "Commitment" Stage

    • Challenges & Considerations

    • Your Turn

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 3

    [Module 2] Planning Your Proposal

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Defining Your Proposal

    • The Elements of a PPP

    • Pricing Your Propsoal

    • PPP Example

    • Your Turn

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 4

    [Module 3] The Relationship Escalator

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • What is the relationship escalator?

    • The 8 Laws of Relationship Escalators

    • Types of Relationship Escalators

    • Finding Your Relationship Escalator

    • Your Turn

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 5

    [Module 4] The Magnet of Attraction

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • What is a lead magnet?

    • The 10 Laws of Lead Magnets

    • Lead Magnet Examples

    • The Golden Law of Lead Magnets

    • How To Find Your Lead Magnet

    • Your Turn

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 6

    [Module 5] The Landing Page

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • What is a Landing Page?

    • The 11 Laws of Landing Pages

    • Landing Page - Worked Example

    • Your Turn

    • Resources

    • [ELITE BONUS] How To Create A Landing Page in Leadpages

    • Discussion

  • 7

    [Module 6] The Thank You Page

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • What Is A Thank You Page?

    • The Obligation Free Thank You Page

    • The Obligation Free Thank You Page - Worked Example

    • The Escalation Thank You Page

    • The 3 Laws Of The Escalation Thank You Page

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough (I)

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough (II)

    • Your Turn

    • Resources

    • Discussion

    • [ELITE BONUS] Thank You Page Swipe File Tutorial

  • 8

    [Module 7] The Perfect Proposal Page

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Primary Proposal Up-sell Process

    • Primary Proposal Up-sell Cheat Sheet

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 9

    [Module 7] The Perfect Proposal Page [VAULT]

    • Introduction

    • Proposal Psychology

    • What Makes People Buy?

    • Purchasing Levers

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough (i)

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough (ii)

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough (iii)

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 10

    [Module 8] The Anti-Dude Move Method

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Types of Content

    • Content Discovery Tutorial (i)

    • Content Discovery Tutorial (ii)

    • Content Creation Tutorial

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 11

    [Module 9] Series Sequencing Strategies

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Where are we now?

    • The Different Types of Sequences

    • Funnel Blueprint Walk Through

    • The Attraction Sequence

    • The Utility Sequence

    • The Escalation Sequence

    • The Courtship Sequence

    • The Commitment Sequence

    • The Re-Engagement Sequence

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 12

    [Module 9] Series Sequencing Strategies [VAULT]

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Email Marketing Overview

    • Forms

    • Sequences

    • Broadcasts

    • Subscribers

    • Automations

    • Account Settings

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough (i) Landing Page & Form Creation

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough (ii) HTML Links

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough (iii) HTML Boxes

    • Watch Over My Shoulder Walkthrough (iv) Shortcodes

    • How To Integrate LeadPages With ConvertKit

    • How To Connect LeadPages Drag & Drop Builder With ConvertKit

    • Resources

  • 13

    [Module 10] Connect. Plug. Play.

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Automations Housekeeping

    • Global Tags

    • Purchase Automations

    • Utility Sequence Automations

    • Escalation Sequence Automations

    • Commitment Sequence Automations

    • Courtship Sequence Automations

    • Conclusion

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 14

    [Module 11] The Sherlock Solution To Analytics & Tracking

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Introduction To Analytics & Tracking

    • The Facebook Pixel

    • (i) How To Setup The Facebook Pixel

    • (ii) How To Install The Facebook Pixel – In Wordpress

    • (iii) How To Test Your Facebook Pixel

    • (iv) How To Install The Facebook Pixel – In Leadpages

    • (v) How To Install The Facebook Pixel – In ConvertKit

    • Facebook Audiences

    • (i) Facebook Custom Audiences – Worked Example

    • (ii) Saved Audiences

    • (iii) Lookalike Audiences

    • Custom Conversions

    • (i) Custom Conversions – Worked Example

    • Standard Event Conversions

    • (i) Standard Event Conversions – Worked Example

    • Google Analytics

    • (i) How To Create A Google Analytics Account

    • (ii) How To Install Google Analytics On Your Website

    • (iii) How To Test Your Google Analytics Code

    • Conclusion

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 15

    [Module 12] Targeting & Traffic Generation

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Facebook Targeting Blueprint Tutorial

    • Facebook Targeting Blueprint [PDF]

    • Content Promotion (i)

    • Content Promotion (ii)

    • Lead Magnet Promotion

    • Ad Set Split Testing

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 16

    [Module 12] Targeting & Traffic Generation [VAULT]

    • Archetype Discovery Tutorial

    • Archetype Discovery Form [PDF]

    • How To Discover Your Perfect Audience on Facebook

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 17

    [Module 13] Reporting, Optimising & Scaling Your Funnel

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Facebook Optimisation [PDF]

    • (i) Delivery Optimisation

    • (ii) Targeting Optimisation

    • (iii) Optimisation & Split Testing

    • Effective Reporting

    • How To Scale Your Funnel [PDF]

    • Discussion

  • 18

    [Module 14] Profit Maximisation & Delegation [ELITE BONUS MODULE]

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Profit Maximisation & Delegation

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 19

    [Module 15] Time Savers & Efficiency Hacks [ELITE BONUS MODULE]

    • Start Here

    • Outline

    • Facebook Lead Ads + Split Testing Hacks

    • Resources

    • Discussion

  • 20


    • FUNNELS101 [2.0] GLOSSARY

  • 21

    [Module 16] Course Completion

    • Final Thoughts & Thank You

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