Digital Marketing Funnel Hacks eBook

46 Digital Marketing Funnel Hacks [eBook]

This ebook will teach you 46 digital marketing funnel hacks that will save you heaps of cash, generate you qualified leads and cut your learning curve in half. | taught by Paul Ramondo

Course description

Landing Page & Website Hacks

This section will provide you with a collection of hacks which will increase the overall conversion rates your landing pages and websites enjoy... But more importantly, you will learn the answer to the following question: “What do horses and water have to do with digital marketing and sales?”

Facebook Ad Hacks

This section will provide you with a collection of ninja Facebook Ads Hacks which will help you achieve lower CPC’s, higher Relevance Scores and ultimately, higher conversions rates.

+ Email List Hacks, Snapchat Growth Hacks & Productivity Hacks

The email list hacks will help save you time, keep you relevant and increase your open rates. Whereas, the Snapchat Growth Hacks will teach you how to quickly grow your Snapchat account so you can begin incorporating it as part of your digital marketing funnel, whilst the Productivity Hacks will let you steal the technology which allows me to work smarter and faster every day.

Paul Ramondo
Paul Ramondo
Funnels101 Founder, Vlogger & CEO @ RamondoMedia

Paul Ramondo is one of Australia’s fastest growing authorities on digital, a sought after keynote speaker and the CEO of RamondoMedia; a boutique digital studio that transforms awareness into evangelism through strategically executed digital experiences.

Paul has spent the last decade of his life actioning digital and social marketing strategies for both national and global brands, operating within Australia, including; Porsche®, RedBull®, Choice Hotels™, Boral® and Australian Sports Nutrition. During this time, Paul’s campaigns have consistently achieved insane results and ROI, and has generated $2,722,691.61 of Sales from $210,170.31 of Ad Spend For Multiple Clients, Across Multiple Industries from 2015 – 2019.

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Course Curriculum

46 Digital Marketing Funnel Hacks [Download]
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